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Robert Harbin biography

Robert Harbin
Biography of Robert Harbin (February 14, 1909 – January 12, 1978) The world famous magician Robert Harbin was born in Balfour, South Africa on February 14, 1909.  His birth name was Ned Williams.   His interest in magic began at the age of eleven, when an ex-serviceman put...
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Zig Zag Girl cabinet illusion

Robert Harbin's most famous original illusion, the Zig Zag Girl
Zig Zag Girl – Robert Harbin’s most famous illusion In the 1960’s,  Robert Harbin  created the Zig Zag Girl.  Zig Zag Girl is one of the great magical illusions of the 20th Century. The Zig Zag Girl is also known as the Zig Zag Woman and the Zig Zag...
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