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Houdini the Movie Star

Editorial review of  Houdini, the movie star  courtesy of Amazon.com

Houdini the Movie Star - DVD collectionbuy-from-amazon  By the year 1919, Harry Houdini was known throughout the world as a master magician and escape artist. Having conquered the stage, he set out to rule the screen, appearing in a series of thrillers built upon his almost supernatural powers. Culled from film archives and private collections, this Kino DVD set includes all of Houdini’s surviving films as an actor, rare footage of actual handcuff and straitjacket escapes, and a wealth of historical information. Includes:  THE MASTER MYSTERY  (1919, 238m, Color Tinted)  TERROR ISLAND  (1920, 55m, B&W)  THE MAN FROM BEYOND  (1922, 68m, Color Tinted)  HALDANE OF THE SECRET SERVICE  (1923, 84m, Color Tinted)  THE GRIM GAME  (Fragment, 1919, 5m, Color Tinted) – SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: Filmed records of Houdini escapes (ca. 1907-23) – Audio recording of Houdini speaking (1914) – Excerpts from the NY Censor Board files – Slippery Jim, a 1910 Houdini-inspired comedy – The illusion  Metamorphosis  performed by Houdini’s brother Hardeen and others.


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