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Magic change bag

Professional Change Bag - A Magic Performer's Essential
The magic  change bag  is a very versatile prop, that is used to make a small item disappear, or to change one small item into another.   One of its’ strengths is that the bag can be pulled inside-out to ‘prove’ that it’s empty – €”when it’s not, of course.  ...
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Zig Zag Girl cabinet illusion

Robert Harbin's most famous original illusion, the Zig Zag Girl
Zig Zag Girl – Robert Harbin’s most famous illusion In the 1960’s,  Robert Harbin  created the Zig Zag Girl.  Zig Zag Girl is one of the great magical illusions of the 20th Century. The Zig Zag Girl is also known as the Zig Zag Woman and the Zig Zag...
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The cups and balls

Cups and balls
Cups and Balls – one of the oldest, and best, magic tricks For many years, proficiency with the Cups and Balls was the measure of a magician’s skill.   Artfully done, even skilled performers, knowing the secret moves, don’t see them being done.   In a nutshell, the...
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