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Conjuring Among the Menomini Indians

Medicine man with bear claw suspension
Conjuring Among the Menomini Indians By Walter James Hoffman The following are excerpts from Walter Hoffman’s report on the Menomini Indians of Northern Minnesota found in the Fourteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1892-1893. This almost 300 page report...
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Mr. Macallister in Boston

Macallister, The Celebrated Wizard and Magician
From Gleason’s Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, 1851 This so called “Wizard of the Age” came among us a few seeks since quite unheralded, and in the most quite manner put up his magical apparatus at the Boston Theatre, Federal Street, where he has ever since been performing, aided...
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The Marvelous Creations of Joseffy

Joseffy Freud
The Marvelous Creations of Joseffy By David P. Abbott The Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago 1908 I. Were the public at large to become thoroughly instructed in the means by which magicians perform their effects, the noble art of magic would disappear. It can exist only by there...
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The Air Brahmin

Brahmin air suspension
The Air Brahmin (People’s Magazine, June 14, 1833) Most of our readers will recollect the celebrated Indian Jugglers, who a few years ago visited this country, and performed some very extraordinary feats at public exhibitions. One of them had acquired the astonishing and dangerous power of passing a...
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A Wonderful Conjuror: Ching Ling Foo

Ching Ling Foo, Chinese magician
The New York Dramatic Mirror, June 3, 1899 During the past four weeks the Chinese conjuror Ching Ling Foo, whose picture appears above, has been mystifying audiences which have test the capacity of Keith’s Union Square Theatre at every performance. He is no ordinary professor of legerdemain, is...
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Truth Will Come To Light

Truth Will Come To Light, By James Elliot Many years ago when the late Prof. Otto Maurer conducted his magical store in the basement at 321 Bowery, New York City, a Spanish magician by the name of Robertus (who had played South America, but who has long since...
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The Wonders of Black Art

Max Auzinger
The Wonders of Black Art By Ottokar Fisher On the “Hidden Secrets of Magic” Omar Pascha presented the Black Art Illusion, one of the truly classic illusions in magic. This effect is rarely seen today, by at the turn of the century it was very popular. How it...
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