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Blackstone, a Magician’s Life

Blackstone, a Magician’s Life: The World and Magic Show of Harry Blackstone, 1885-1965 Blackstone, a Magician’s Life  by Daniel Waldron is a well-researched biography of Harry Blackstone Sr. — from  interviews with surviving members of Blackstone’s shows, as well as written records. In addition, it’s also a very...
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Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries

Fact checking Houdini the miniseries, by John Cox
Editorial review of Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries, by John Cox, courtesy of Amazon.com In 2014 the HISTORY channel aired a new biopic about the world’s most famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini. Written by Nicholas Meyer and starring Adrien Brody, it promised to tell the “cradle...
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Houdini’s Escapes and Magic

Houdini's Escapes and Magic, by Walter Gibson
Editorial review of  Houdini’s Escapes and Magic, courtesy of Amazon.com The secrets of the greatest magician of them all are revealed in this new one-volume edition of two classic long-out-of-print works, Houdini’s Escapes and Houdini’s Magic. Prepared by Walter Gibson after Houdini’s death in 1926, from the magicians...
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The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin

The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin, by Harry Houdini
Book review of  The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin by Harry Houdini It’s no secret that Harry Houdini idolized Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin as a child … and later realized that his hero had feet of clay. Robert-Houdin had exaggerated some of his illusions and accomplishments, and Houdini wrote The Unmasking of...
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Houdini: Art and Magic

Houdini: Art and Magic
Houdini: Art and Magic (Jewish Museum) Product Description of  Houdini: Art and Magic  Born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary, Harry Houdini (1874-1926) was a rabbi’€™s son who became one of the 20th century’€™s most famous performers. His gripping theatrical presentations and heart-stopping outdoor spectacles attracted unprecedented crowds, and...
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The Houdini Box

The Houdini Box - book cover
The Houdini Box, by Brian Selznick  The Houdini Box was one of my daughter Emily’s favorite books when she was younger — and with good reason.   It’s the story of a young boy who idolizes Harry Houdini, the famous magician and escape artist.   The young boy, Victor,...
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A Magician Among the Spirits

A Magician Among the Spirits, by Harry Houdini
Editorial review of  A Magician Among the Spirits  courtesy of Amazon.com  Harry Houdini and his exposure of the fraud spiritualist, spirit photography, spirit slate writing, ectoplasm, clairvoyance, and other quackery and cons perpetrated on the gullible, by the likes of the Boston Medium Margery, the Davenport Brothers, Annie...
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Houdini – A Pictorial Biography

Houdini - A Pictorial Biography
book review of  Houdini – A Pictorial Biography, Including More Than 250 Illustrations  by Milbourne Christopher  When purchasing this book at my local bookstore, I told the clerk something to the effect that any book written by Milbourne Christopher is well worth reading.   I stand by that;...
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Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss

Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss : American Self-Liberator, Europe's Eclipsing Sensation, World's Handcuff King & Prison Breaker, by Kenneth Silverman, author of 'Edgar A. Poe' and 'The Life and Times of Cotton Mather'
Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss : American Self-Liberator, Europe’s Eclipsing Sensation, World’s Handcuff King & Prison Breaker – book review Editorial review of  Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss, courtesy of Amazon.com  Silverman’s engaging biography catalogs the life of  Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss, who made a...
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Escape!: The Story of The Great Houdini

Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini - by the Newberry medalist Sid Fleischman - now you see him ...
Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini, by Sid Fleischman  Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini  is a very well-done biography of Harry Houdini aimed at middle school-aged children (grades 4-8).   It is written by Sid Fleischman, a Newberry Award-winning author – as well as a...
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