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Robert Harbin biography

Robert Harbin
Biography of Robert Harbin (February 14, 1909 – January 12, 1978) The world famous magician Robert Harbin was born in Balfour, South Africa on February 14, 1909.  His birth name was Ned Williams.   His interest in magic began at the age of eleven, when an ex-serviceman put...
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Biography of Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon biography
Biography of Dai Vernon, aka. The Professor Dai Vernon (pronounced alternatively as DIE or as DAY as in David) (June 11, 1894 -€“ August 21, 1992), aka The Professor, was a Canadian magician. His expert sleight-of-hand technique and extensive knowledge garnered him respect among fellow magicians. His influence...
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Georges Méliès biography

A Trip to the Moon, aka. Le Voyage dans la Lune
Georges Méliès biography  (1868 – 1938) magician and father of motion picture special effects Georges Méliès  has the distinction of being one of the few magicians to create a brand-new branch of the art of magic.   He is commonly thought of as  the father of special effects...
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Biography of Harry Kellar, Dean of American Magicians

Harry Kellar poster
Harry Kellar (July 11, 1849 – March 10, 1922) was an American magician who presented large stage shows during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Harry Kellar  was the predecessor of  Harry Houdini  and the successor of Robert Heller. He was often referred to as the ”Dean...
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Biography of Okito, creator of the Okito coin box – Theo Bamburg

Biography of Okito, creator of the Okito coin box (Tobias “Theo” Leendert Bamberg—1875-1963) Tobias “Theo” Leendert Bamberg (1875 – 1963) was a professional magician. Born in Holland, Bamberg performed under the name Okito which was an anagram of Tokio (Tokyo). His father had been court magician to King...
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Mark Wilson biography

Magic Land of Alakazam cast (1960) - Rebo, Mark Wilson, Nani Darnell
Early years of  Mark Wilson Mark Wilson  was the son of a salesman and he spent much of his youth travelling with his parents as his father moved about on business. He has said his love affair with magic began when he was aged eight and he saw...
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Harry Houdini biography

Harry Houdini photograph
Biography of Harry Houdini (1874-1926) Houdini  means “escape artist or other ingenious person,” according to the dictionary.   Harry Houdini epitomizes that, of course, as the man who created the field of escape artistry, as well as becoming the most famous magician of his day, and equally well...
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