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Isaac Fawkes

Isaac Fawkes (1675?-1731) was an English conjurer and showman.
Isaac Fawkes (1675?-1731)  was an English conjurer and showman. The first record of Isaac Fawkes was an appearance by his son at Southwark Fair in 1722, but an advertisement of April of the same year boasted that he had performed for George II, so it is likely that...
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Percy Abbott biography

Biography of Percy Abbott (1886 - 1960), Australian magician, American magic dealer
Biography of Percy Abbott (1886 – 1960), Australian magician, American magic dealer Percy Abbott (May 3, 1886 – August 26, 1960) was an Australian magician and magic dealer who founded Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company in Colon, Michigan. At one time, Percy Abbott’s business was  the largest manufacturer and retailer...
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David Abbott

Photo of David P. Abbott, taken from the cover of The Sphinx, 1906
Biography of David Phelps Abbott (1863 – 1934) David Abbott was one of the most creative, and prolific, magical minds of the 20th century. David Abbott is the author of Behind the Scenes with the Mediums (1907), this book is still one of the best accounts of the techniques and methods used...
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Milbourne Christopher biography

Milbourne Christopher
Biography of Milbourne Christopher (March 23, 1914 – June 17, 1984) Born in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Milbourne Christopher rose to become one of the most well-known magicians of his day. He was recognized by the public at large due in part to his appearances on television programs such...
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Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston poster
Howard Thurston biography, as originally published in The Crest Magician, January 1908 Howard Thurston was born in Ohio not many more than thirty years ago, and was, like the late Charles Bertram the English magician, intended by his parents for the ministry. With this profession in view he...
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Hermann Pallme

HERMANN PALLME. (originally published in The Crest Magician, November, 1907) Mr. Pallme was born in Kensington, on the outskirts of London, England, July 3rd, 1869. His ability as a magician seems to have been inherent, as at an early age his skill and dexterity astonished his school-mates and...
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Letter from John Henry Anderson To His Son

John Henry Anderson, the Wizard of the North
Letter from John Henry Anderson To His Son By Harry Houdini (MUM, March 1921) John Henry Anderson John Henry Anderson Jr. The passing of Mrs. Angeline Anderson, the last of the line of the celebrated Anderson family, will perhaps render particular significance to a letter in my collection,...
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Jacob Philadelphia

Jacob Philadelphia (August 14, 1735 – 1795) Jacob Philadelphia is notable as the first American-born magician to achieve fame — although he primarily performed abroad. Jacob Meyer was born on August 14, 1735.  Dr. Christopher Witt, the associate of Johannes Kelpius, was chiefly responsible for his education. Meyer’s...
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Harry Blackstone, Sr. biography

Harry Blackstone Sr. poster
Biography of Harry Blackstone, aka. The Great Blackstone (1885 – 1965) Many people are called stars of stage, screen, television and radio – The Great Blackstone was all of these, as well one of the great magicians of the 20th Century, counting such luminaries as  Harry Houdini  and Howard...
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