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The Importance of Deportment

The Importance of Deportment – by Hermann Pallme, originally published in The Crest Magician, January 1908 Deportment means the art of properly  presenting a trick before an audience.  Not a few professional magicians and  most amateurs are deficient in this most  important phase of their work. In order...
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The way our senses play us false

The way our senses play us false. (originally published in The Crest Magician, December 1907) Our senses deceive us curiously at  times. A flash of lightning lights up  the ground for only one-millionth of a  second, yet it seems to us to last ever  so much longer. What...
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Magic as a Profession

Magic as a Profession, by Hermann Pallme. Not only is there no better divertisement for adult, or child than the study and practice of magic, but there is scarcely a more profitable field for a profession. In the former case, it takes the mind off the cares and worries of daily...
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Farewell Tour of The Dean of Magic

Harry Kellar poster
Farewell Tour of The Dean of Magic (originally published in The Crest Magician, December, 1907) Kellar, the world-famous magician, began a week-end engagement at the  Lyceum yesterday, giving his performance in the presence of crowded houses afternoon and evening. The bills announce this as Kellar’s farewell tour.  He...
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The Study of Magic as a Social Advantage

The Study of Magic as a Social Advantage, by  Hermann Pallme. (originally published in The Crest Magician, November, 1907) While magic is a splendid profession, both as to being a dignified calling and a remunerative one, yet it is my purpose in this chapter to consider it in...
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The Hobby of Book Collecting

Leo Rullman, antiquarian magic book dealer (1875 - 1946).
The Hobby of Book Collecting By Leo Rullman Of the making of many Magic books there is no end. Prefacing this article with an apology for para ­phrasing a well-known quotation, I respectfully beg to submit that in respect to Magic books “the mills of the gods” do...
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Blitz at a Wedding

Signor Blitz producing fruit from a guests coat...always the life of the party.
Raleigh Register, May 4, 1859 (Raleigh, North Carolina) Probably no man now living has caused more real, though unmitigated fun and mischief than Signor Blitz, the magician and ventriloquist. — He has been made a peg, no doubt, to hang a good many hats on that were never...
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Blitz and the Fire Annihilator

Blitz doing walk around magic at costume ball.
Peoples Press, September 11, 1852 (Salem, North Carolina) The recent successful experiments with the fire annihilator has reminded us of some circumstances connected with the first exhibition of them in New York, and which caused a feud between P. T. Barnum and Signor Blitz, so well known for...
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The Art of Magic

Alexander Hermann, age 25
The Art of Magic,  by  Alexander  Herrmann published July 1, 1891 in The North American Review I have been requested to lay before the readers of The  North American Review such of my reflections upon the art  of magic or prestidigitation as I may deem worthy of note,...
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Signor Blitz Obituary, as published in the New York Times

Signor Blitz
OBITUARY. SIGNOR ANTONIO BLITZ. Antonio Blitz, the magician, better known as Signor Blitz, died at his residence, No 1,831 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, at 9:30 o’clock yesterday morning. He had been in declining health for the past four years, being troubled with a severe cough, which finally ended in...
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