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The Royal Road to Card Magic

The Royal Road to Card Magic, by  by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braué

The Royal Road to Card Magicbuy-from-amazon  In short,  The Royal Road to Card Magic is the foremost book in the world for learning card magic.

It is a step by step introduction, first introducing a card sleight, then several card tricks to use that sleight. It is no understatement to say that, anyone who wishes to learn card magic should begin here.

Editorial review of  The Royal Road to Card Magic, courtesy of Amazon.com

With this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of first rate card tricks. The authors, both noted authorities on magic, present complete, easy to understand explanations of basic techniques and over 100 complete tricks. More than 120 line cuts make explanations easy to follow, so that even beginners can develop professional-level skill. 121 figures.

Table of contents for  The Royal Road to Card Magic

Part One

  1. The Overhand Shuffle 1
  2. The Riffle Shuffle
  3. Flourishes
  4. The Glide
  5. The Glimpse
  6. The Key Card
  7. The Palm
  8. The Backslip
  9. The Overhand Shuffle 2
  10. False Shuffles and Cuts
  11. The Double Lift and Turnover
  12. The Pass
  13. Miscellaneous Flourishes

Part Two

  1. The Reverses
  2. The Hindu Shuffle and Other Controls
  3. The Force
  4. Top and Bottom Changes
  5. Arrangements
  6. Routines

Part Three

  1. Platform Tricks
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