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Illusion Show, by David Bamburg

Illusion Show, by David Bamberg (Fu Manchu)

Product description of  Illusion Show

Illusion Show, by David Bambergbuy-from-amazon  The autobiography of  David Bamberg  records the adventurous life and perceptive observations of one of the last great traveling showmen. Robert Parrish, who edited the book, calls it “€œthe most engaging and illuminating document of its kind produced by a professional magician in the 20th century.€” As the stage magician Fu Manchu, David Bamberg spent 35 years touring Latin America and Spain with a full-evening show combining original and artistic illusions with elements of comedy and revue. Written in a candid, conversational style, Bamberg’™s book is a rare show business account telling of the competition and struggles after attaining success. Many personalities enliven his story, including Orson Welles who proclaimed Bamberg’s book “€œthe greatest autobiography in magic.”

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