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Houdini – A Pictorial Biography

book review of  Houdini – A Pictorial Biography, Including More Than 250 Illustrations  by Milbourne Christopher

Houdini - A Pictorial Biographybuy-from-amazon  When purchasing this book at my local bookstore, I told the clerk something to the effect that any book written by Milbourne Christopher is well worth reading.   I stand by that; for those who don’t know, Milbourne Christopher was a successful magician in his own right, who left behind of legacy of numerous books on the history of magic and magicians.   In  Houdini, A Pictorial Biography  he spends over 200 pages talking about the life and career of Harry Houdini, illustrating it with 250 black and white illustrations, including photographs, posters, and cartoons featuring the master escape artist.

Table of contents for  Houdini – A Pictorial Biography  by Milbourne Christopher

  • Master of Manacles
  • Sensational Escapes
  • First to Fly over Australia
  • The Film Maker
  • Conan Doyle and the Spirits
  • Houdini the Magician
  • Appendix
  • Acknowledgments and Sources
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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