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Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries

Fact checking Houdini the miniseries, by John CoxEditorial review of Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries, by John Cox, courtesy of Amazon.com

In 2014 the HISTORY channel aired a new biopic about the world’s most famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini. Written by Nicholas Meyer and starring Adrien Brody, it promised to tell the “cradle to grave” story of Houdini’s amazing career. But what was fact and what was fiction?

Was Houdini really a spy? Did he have an affair with Lady Butler? In this illustrated primer, Houdini historian and blogger John Cox (www.wildabouthoudini.com) takes up the challenge and separates Fact from Fiction in the HOUDINI miniseries. Also included is a history of the production, reviews, and rare photos of the real Houdini in action.

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