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Children Laugh Louder

Children Laugh Louder, by David Ginn - bonus 2-hour DVD included

Children Laugh Louder, by David Ginn


I’ve been a fan of David Ginn for many years, since I first read his book, Clown Magic — David is not a clown, but he is one of the great children’s magicians of our time, with decades of experience. I’m glad to say that he shares some of his favorite routines, and some of his experience, in his book, Children Laugh Louder, now back in print. In addition, it now includes a 2-hour DVD of David performing the routines as well.

Table of contents for  Children Laugh Louder

Read Me First

  1. Chapter 1: Comedy Warm-Ups

    1. Magical Observation Test
    2. Silk Illusion
    3. Pop-Away Wand Opener
  2. Chapter 2: Comedy Bits with Audience Volunteers

    1. Comedy Greetings
    2. Shaking Hands for Laughs
    3. Comedy Remarks for Volunteers
    4. Standing Gags
    5. Forgetting Children’s Names
  3. Chapter 3: Laughs without Apparatus

    1. The Trap Door
    2. Animal Intro
    3. Inside/Outside
    4. A Dog by that Name
    5. The Bowing Contest
    6. Purple Puppy Chow
    7. Magic Words
  4. Chapter 4: Laughs with Simple Apparatus

    1. Jolly Polly George
    2. Karate Chop Comb
    3. Big Toothbrush
    4. The Shooting Card Trick
    5. A Magic Flower
  5. Chapter 5: Bringing out the Real You

  6. Chapter 6: Freaky’s Terror

  7. Charlie’s Invisible Message

    1. Effect in a Nutshell
    2. Properties
    3. Preparation
    4. Performance
      1. The Quiz
      2. The Elimination
      3. The Prediction
      4. The Wand
      5. The Child Magician
      6. The Stalling
      7. The Magic
    5. Adaptations

Read Me Last

Editorial review of David Ginn’s  Children Laugh Louder, courtesy of Amazon.com

Out of print for nearly 10 years, Children Laugh Louder is now back with some of David Ginn’s best routines: the Color Changing Shoelaces, Silk Illusion, Pop away Wand, Comedy Bits with Audience Helpers, Trap Door, Magic Words, Purple Puppy Chow, Dog By That Name, Bowing Contest, Shooting Card Trick, Wilting Flower, Ali Bongo Monster Hat, Freaky’s Terror and the classic Charlie’s Invisible Message. Some magicians who did still love it; some even like it best! But there’s more! BONUS DVD included: Before anyone was aware of the impact of video, a magician taped David’s “50 Ways to Make Children Laugh ” lecture in Schenectady, NY in June 1978 and gave him a copy. SURPRISE! This 27-year old tape, featuring many Children Laugh Louder routines, is now a two-hour DVD titled “Live Lecture June 1978 ” and appears FREE inside the back cover pocket of Children Laugh Louder.


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