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Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston biography, as originally published in The Crest Magician, January 1908

Howard Thurston was born in Ohio not many more than thirty years ago, and was, like the late Charles Bertram the English magician, intended by his parents for the ministry. With this profession in view he spent nearly four years at Northfield, Mass., studying with the famous revivalist, Dwight L. Moody. But Mr. Thurston since a boy had a yearning for the field of magic, and he determinedly set himself to work to master the arts of the conjurer and the illusionist.

Always a retentive and industrious scholar, he was in a short while sufficiently adept to make his professional debut, which occurred in Cincinnati.

One of Mr. Thurston’s earlier experiences was a tour with a company playing the country fairs, which show came to grief at Williamsport, Pa.

Rapidly improving in his dexterity and ability to entertain as a conjurer, he soon became known as a clever magician.

As soon as he considered himself sufficiently proficient he went to Europe, and was successful in securing an engagement at the Palace, where he remained nearly six months, going from there to an engagement at the Empire, which lasted over five months.

While performing at the Empire Mr. Thurston had the pleasure of appearing before the Shah of Persia, the Prince  of Wales, and Prince Arthur of Connaught, and their royal suites.

Mr. Thurston has also appeared before the late King Christian, King Edward VIL, King George of Greece, the Czar of Russia, and numerous Oriental potentates.

After his European success he returned to this country, prepared an elaborate magic act, which he successfully presented at all the best vaudeville houses throughout the country, creating a furor everywhere as his act was far ahead of anything of a similar nature that had ever been seen.

In June 1904, Mr. Thurston sailed from San Francisco for a world’s tour, being gone three years, to return in May of last year to join hands with Kellar, whom he is booked to succeed as the leading exponent of magic in this country.

In his worldwide wanderings Mr. Thurston saw many wonderful things, had many adventures and gathered a fund of knowledge of incalculable value.

Mr. Thurston visited Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, the Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Java, the Strait Settlements, India, Egypt, Morocco. Italy, France, Spain and England, appearing in all of the principal cities of these different countries.

Mr. Thurston is a splendid workman.

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