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Blitz at a Wedding

Raleigh Register, May 4, 1859 (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Signor Blitz producing fruit from a guests coat...always the life of the party.

Signor Blitz producing fruit from a guests coat…always the life of the party.

Probably no man now living has caused more real, though unmitigated fun and mischief than Signor Blitz, the magician and ventriloquist. — He has been made a peg, no doubt, to hang a good many hats on that were never worn; but we must believe stories like this which the Philadelphia City Item tells at a wedding:

The other night our young friend, Walter Dinmore, the photographist, was married to the lovely and accomplished Miss Fisher, of Camden, and Signor Blitz, being an old friend of the Dinmores, was invited to the wedding. He did not reach there until about 10 o’clock. After paying his respects to the bride and groom he took a seat in the back parlor. Presently someone cried out “You’re losing your hoop-skirt, Madame,” where upon the greatest confusion ensued, all the ladies grasping their skirts with a vigor that seemed to say “loose or not they shan’t come down.” “Let me out,” cried the strange voice, and then other voices hurriedly said, “Hands off, sir!” “Miss, I love you” “Oh, Augustus!” “Oh, Augus’us!” “Your baby is crying, Madame!” “Kill it with Godfrey’s Cordial!” “Murder!” “Fire!” “Stand from under!” “Look to the bride?” “Poison!” “What’s the matter with Walter!” “Strychnine!” “Arrest the grooms-man!” These cries, in apparently different voices, followed each other in such quick succession that for about five minutes there was the greatest consternation, until Walter Dinmore knowing Blitzs of old, pulled him out of the corner and set him to eating and drinking, so as to give him no opportunity for the display of ventriloquism. On his way back, while crossing the river, Blitz frightened the hands of the boat badly; in fact one of them would have jumped into the river if he had not been held — as it is he declares the “Old Boy” was on board the boat that night.

(Illustration from Blitz, Fifty Years In The Magic Circle, Belknap and Bliss, Hartford, Conn., 1872)

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