Blackstone, a Magician’s Life

Blackstone, a Magician’s Life: The World and Magic Show of Harry Blackstone, 1885-1965 Blackstone, a Magician’s Life  by Daniel Waldron is a well-researched biography of Harry Blackstone Sr. — from  interviews with surviving members of Blackstone’s shows, as well as written records. In addition, it’s also a very...
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The Importance of Deportment

The Importance of Deportment – by Hermann Pallme, originally published in The Crest Magician, January 1908 Deportment means the art of properly  presenting a trick before an audience.  Not a few professional magicians and  most amateurs are deficient in this most  important phase of their work. In order...
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Milbourne Christopher biography

Milbourne Christopher
Biography of Milbourne Christopher (March 23, 1914 – June 17, 1984) Born in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Milbourne Christopher rose to become one of the most well-known magicians of his day. He was recognized by the public at large due in part to his appearances on television programs such...
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Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries

Fact checking Houdini the miniseries, by John Cox
Editorial review of Fact Checking HOUDINI The Miniseries, by John Cox, courtesy of In 2014 the HISTORY channel aired a new biopic about the world’s most famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini. Written by Nicholas Meyer and starring Adrien Brody, it promised to tell the “cradle...
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Houdini 1998

Harry Houdini 1998 biopic
Houdini 1998 Recently, I watched the 1998 Houdini TV biography; I was interested to see how it stood up to other Houdini biographies I’ve seen, such as 1950’s Houdini biography with Tony Curtis, or the more recent Houdini with  Adrien Brody. In my opinion, both were entertaining fiction,...
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Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston poster
Howard Thurston biography, as originally published in The Crest Magician, January 1908 Howard Thurston was born in Ohio not many more than thirty years ago, and was, like the late Charles Bertram the English magician, intended by his parents for the ministry. With this profession in view he...
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The way our senses play us false

The way our senses play us false. (originally published in The Crest Magician, December 1907) Our senses deceive us curiously at  times. A flash of lightning lights up  the ground for only one-millionth of a  second, yet it seems to us to last ever  so much longer. What...
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Magic as a Profession

Magic as a Profession, by Hermann Pallme. Not only is there no better divertisement for adult, or child than the study and practice of magic, but there is scarcely a more profitable field for a profession. In the former case, it takes the mind off the cares and worries of daily...
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Farewell Tour of The Dean of Magic

Harry Kellar poster
Farewell Tour of The Dean of Magic (originally published in The Crest Magician, December, 1907) Kellar, the world-famous magician, began a week-end engagement at the  Lyceum yesterday, giving his performance in the presence of crowded houses afternoon and evening. The bills announce this as Kellar’s farewell tour.  He...
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The Study of Magic as a Social Advantage

The Study of Magic as a Social Advantage, by  Hermann Pallme. (originally published in The Crest Magician, November, 1907) While magic is a splendid profession, both as to being a dignified calling and a remunerative one, yet it is my purpose in this chapter to consider it in...
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